Tuesday, 4 June 2013

preparing for summertime

Only 7 school days left until the long US summer vacation begins.   Part of me is looking forward to long warm days, no rushing out the door in the morning, parks, friends and relaxation.  The other part remembers how 12 weeks can feel !!!!

We have a vacation planned and the kiddos have some fun camps to attend with friends.   But then there's still 7 weeks to fill and enjoy.

I'm planning a few fun garden activities to keep the kiddos amused without having to visit every playground in the Portland metro area!  Nothing like a bit of back yard fun with neighbourhood kids to keep everyone happy.

Back yard bean bag toss game.  cb2

Enough sidewalk chalk to get their creativity going
and a little hop scotch too.

For those hot days when nothing but water games will do.

Bring the teepee outdoors, with blankets for the ground and lots
of cushions, and hours of playtime and games begin.

all images via Pinterest

Such a great idea.  I know the perfect spot in our back garden
for a big chalk board.

Shopping List for Stocking Up

Mini bird houses to paint
Large canvas for a big painting project
Cookie and treat making supplies (who wants to run out of chocolate chips 
when the need arises?!)

What activities do you like to plan for the summer days with kids?


  1. Oh I wish I had a place for that chalk board! We rely a lot on the sprinkler, homemade popsicles, and bikes.

  2. Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles! I just got a "fun pack" of bubble 'tools' from Tesco today and it was like Christmas day for my kids!!

  3. I have so been wanting to get my husband to build a tepee! Can't wait to see where your summer activities bring you!


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