Saturday, 13 July 2013

a real english castle

Who can resist exploring a real castle when they visit England.   The nearest one to us was Arundel Castle in West Sussex.  Built at the end of the 11th Century, this castle is set in 40 acres of beautifully kept gardens and manicured grounds. With a drawbridge, Keep, Chapel, Portculis and unique artwork, tapestries, furniture, not forgetting the history and all Kings, Queens, Dukes and other monarchy that have passed through, Arundel has everything you could wish in a castle. Definitey worth a visit if you find yourself in beautiful Sussex.

Oh yes, there's plenty of armour, weapons, steep winding staircases, a dungeon and deep well to keep the kids interested. 

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  1. Oh the history you guys have close by is just incredible. I would so love to spend a night in a haunted castle. mwahahaha x


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