Thursday, 25 July 2013

road tripping

We've a camping trip coming up later this summer.  Not just our usual weekend camp of two nights, a couple of hours from home.  This round trip will be more than 2500 miles!  Yikes!  A 'real' road trip.

National Parks to be visited, a mix of camping and a couple of nights in hotels booked using rewards (to ensure we get some sleep and a good shower!), white water rafting, maybe some horseback riding (which quite terrifies me!), campfires, s'mores, off the beaten track diners, exploring and adventure.

My planning needs to start early (unlike the other members of my wonderful family who feel they can wake up on the morning we are leaving and throw a few bits in a bag!).  Checking the camping gear (new stove and cooler (this is my favourite) required this time) planning what food supplies we can take with us, snacks, games, books etc for the kiddos.  The Huzz can work on a playlist to keep us singing and make sure the necessary in-car electronics are fully charged and loaded with some new movies (eye spy only takes us so far these days!).

And how can we fit everything into the car?!  We do not pack sparingly!   The Huzz has gently menioned buying a trailer (along with our car top box) for some extra space!

Happy travels on the horizon.


  1. you could rent a box to go on top of the car! Have fun! We were suppose to do a road trip this summer, but my husband changed his mind. I agree with him though because going with a two year old is just plain nuts! Have fun!

  2. That's what you call a road trip! Sounds like a great adventure. Whenever we travel I always plan ahead! Always good to be organised.


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