Friday, 26 July 2013

weekend berry time

We've got a little berry bounty going on right now.  Just along the street, there are some natural areas with an abundance of ripe blackberries spilling over onto the path.  Fat dark and juicy and perfect for picking and eating as you go - or taking home if you haven't eaten too many already!

Usually I eat them with Greek honey yoghurt for breakfast, but feeling a little 'Domestic Goddess' like today, I'm going to whip up a couple of blackberry dishes for this hot sunny weekend.  Here's what's looking good to me...

image via here

Summer Blackberry Custard

Looks like the makings of a perfect weekend lunch.

Happy Friday.


  1. These look SO good, I love blackberries.

    Have a lovely week-end! Xx

  2. The blackberry sandwich looks delicious. I would never have thought of putting basil with blackberries. :-)


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