Tuesday, 30 July 2013

up up and away

We started the weekend with a visit to the Oregon International Airshow.

Friday was the opening evening.  On a gorgeous sunny day, the blue sky was a perfect backdrop to the amazing flying skills of the pilots and their magnificent planes.  Incredible speeds and displays, stunts, parachutes, the Patriots, the US Armed Forces, and at the end of the evening a fabulous fireworks display.  The whole evening was filled with Ooooohs and Ahhhhhs!

Luca loved talking to all the super patient, polite and highly knowledgeable armed forces members, who answered his every question (and hundreds of similar ones for excited boys) and let him climb into tanks and hold their artillery.

Here's a few of my favourite photographs taken by the Huzz of those magnificent men and women in their flying machines.

Chocks Away!

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