Friday, 23 August 2013

the scoop on serving ice cream

As the summer vacation draws to an end (one more week to go), I dare not think about the amount of delicious sweet ice cream we've consumed this summer!  There's always a pint or two of French vanilla in the freezer.  My recent favourite has been Kulfi - Indian ice cream - (from Cool Moon in Portand) with the wonderful taste and scent of cardamom and pistachios.  And I'm also very partial to Salted Caramel ice cream (my favourite scoop is from Salt & Straw in Portland).

For those that love to scoop at home, here are some lovely ice cream serving and enjoying objects that would make it even more pleasurable.  I like to use the classic glass ice cream parlour style bowls - ones I picked up for almost nothing in a sale years ago.  And one of those porceline ice cream pint holders is now on my shopping list - it would make serving ice cream that little bit more sophisticated to place one (or a few, with difference flavors) on the table at the end of dinner.

Porceline Ice Cream pint holder + scoop

Sleek Ice Cream Scoop

Classic Ice Cream Parlour dishes

Ice Cream Truck with paper cups

Wooden Ice Cream spoons

Wooden scoop for all those yummy toppings.

What's your favourite flavor?


  1. The Indian ice cream sounds lovely! We always have ice cream in our house. I should stop doing that! My favorite right now is caramel cone by Hagen Daz. I also like a ice cream company call Talenti, but I don't know if it is on the west coast yet. They have a banana chocolate swirl that is divine.

  2. What a lovely summery post and I like the title too! Lovely ice cream themed items - I would love those from Anthropologie but I've always liked the classic dishes too. My favourite flavour is definitely pistachio!


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