Friday, 25 October 2013

friday again? seriously!

Another week gone by in a flash and here I find myself looking at my last post from a week back!  Bad Blogger!

We've had sunny days this week, with mid-October temperatures reaching 74 degrees! Sitting have my mid-morning coffee outside on the deck with not a cloud in the sky was a moment to cherish. But today it all changed, and the dampness that is usually so familiar this time of year is back.  True Fall weather around here.

This weekend brings us a mixed bag of activities.  The first Halloween party at my son's school (Zombie Cowboy costume with copious amounts of fake blood ready and waiting for him, and sparkling Princess Butterfly for my daughter!) - one extreme to another.

The Huzz will be taking a croissant making course at Sur La Table in Portland on Saturday morning.  How lucky will I be when he's making fresh croissants on Sunday mornings?  Can't wait for that delicious buttery smell to drift from the kitchen.  He is turning into a quite the fabulous baker (you can see his wonderful bread here).

Ruby and I are off to see Disney on Ice - Rocking Everafter on Saturday afternoon.  She is already overspilling with excitement and counting the hours.  I see more requests for Princess themed dressing up costumes on the horizon.

The Huzz and Luca are off on a mushroom hunting trip early on Sunday morning.  I'm looking forward to a basketful of chanterelles coming home and a delicious mushroom risotto Sunday evening.

And that's our weekend plans all wrapped up.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever your plans may be.

H A P P Y   W E E K E N D I N G.


  1. Halloween parties are such fun. A good excuse to be creative! Home baked croissants on a Sunday morning - that is a treat.

  2. I took my daughter to Disney on Ice two years ago, and she loved it. And yes, there were a lot of princess parties after. A mushroom risotto sounds so good! Did your husband and son find many mushrooms?

    1. Hi Angie. Yes, they were so lucky with the mushroom hunting and came back with lots. Busy now using and preserving them! The chanterelle risotto was delicious!


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