Tuesday, 19 November 2013

the alternative christmas tree

Are you starting to plan your Christmas holidays yet?  Apologies if you aren't quite ready to take that step, but after another Pinterest session, and seeing Fall and Halloween Pins now being gazumped by all things festive, I hope you'll forgive an early(ish) Christmas post!

We are hosting a drinks party in early December for lots of neighbours.  I want the house feeling festive and Christmassy, and so our tree will be up about a week earlier than usual.  I love getting our Christmas tree.   What a fabulous selection we have here in Oregon (this State is the largest grower and supplier of Christmas trees).  My favorites are Blue Spruce or Nordic Pine.  I love decorating it and then having a wonderful tree twinkling at us for a few weeks.  The day it finally has to come down due to an avalanche of pine needles when someone gets within a few feet of it, is a sad day indeed.

I would never not have a real Christmas tree, but I'm finding the alternative tree might be fun addition to have around the house (inside or outside) too.  Creative.  Design conscious.  Modern.  Fun.  Absolutely not to everyone's liking.  A conversation starter!  Whatever you may call it, they are growing on me.

Here's a few fun alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree …

Would you ever swtich from a traditional style Christmas tree to a tree that 
was little more abstract, modern and unusual?


  1. I really like the first one! What a great idea! You always find such fun stuff!

  2. I'll be leaving with the girls mid December. Might do an alternative ad buying a real one for two weeks only deems a little odd.


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