Friday, 22 November 2013

friday morning here

Friday morning here.

One child off to school on his bike, wrapped up on this chilly frosty morning.
And (would you believe it!) there was no dicussion about wearing something warm today! 

One child home on her day off, lazing around watching a movie before swim lessons.

Husband travelling with work (counting the days!)

Slight distraction now…
Mmmmmm!   How delicious does this churros with melted chocolate look!!

Dog walked and now he's lazing around.

House quiet.   Reading blogs.  Drinking coffee.

Sun shining and blue sky and chilly chilly chilly.   An extra layer will be needed today.

Trying to make lists lists and more lists for 
Thanksgiving, drinks party, son's birthday / party, Christmas.
Parties on my mind.

Thinking about big rings and possibly adding one to my Christmas Wish List!
Trina Turk Green Marisa Ring in Green
H A P P Y   W E E K E N D I N G !


  1. Those churros look delicious and remind me of our last trip to Spain when we enjoyed them with the wonderfully thick hot chocolate which they do so well. What a fabulous ring and I loved your alternative trees in the last post too.

    1. Hi Miss b Yes the churros bring back memories of our first wedding anniversary spent in Madrid. We had them for breakfast every day. So delicious.

  2. Sounds like a beautiful Friday! Hope your weekend was wonderful as well.


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