Monday, 2 December 2013

the good, the bad and the ugly holiday sweater

Festive holidays are here and the arrival of the seasonal sweater seems to come with it!   I've already been to one Ugly Holiday Sweater party (so hilarious) and we've had the Ugly Sweater Run here in Portland recently too.  The 'Holiday Sweater' seems to be much more of a US thing than the other countries I've lived.  And there sure are some frightful sights to behold!  It's sometimes hard to know whether someone is wearing their sweater as a dare or out of choice, so be careful with any comments!

If you can't resist adding a festive sweater to your wardrobe, here are some designs which give enough nod to the season, but aren't all covered in Santa, snowmen, reindeers, jingle bells and flashing lights and won't win you first prize at an Ugly Sweater party.

holiday sweater

D O   N O T   W E A R   T H I S
holiday sweater generator


  1. Some really great options here, love the one with the tree!

  2. Oh God. The last one brought the breakfast back up. YUCK ;-) xx

    1. I know MM, I think it was one of the worst I could find!!! Frightening!

  3. lol.. that turkey sweater is scary!

  4. Love the one from French Connection, but I don't know who in their right mind would wear the turkey sweater!


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