Monday, 24 February 2014

dramatic eyes

I don't wear much make-up - a little cover, lipstick and blush and high-lighter.  And almost no eye make-up, just a little brush of mascara now and again (I can never seem to find one that stays in place!). And yet I love the idea of wearing eye-liner and eye-shadow. Thick, dark and dramatic.  I love these looks and would so love to recreate, without looking all panda eyed or like I've come off worse in a boxing match!
bold eyes, nude lips.
Pixie cut.
Loulou Robert in Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Intense Blue and NARS Outremer Single Shadow
eyeliner love 
tocca fall 2012 

Maybe next time I pass one of a cosmetic counter at Nordstrom or Macys I should ask them to make up my eyes for me and have a little try out by a professional hand, rather than a smudgy, wiggly look done with my own fair hand!

Do you try out new make-up styles, or do you have a tried and tested look?


  1. Reminds me of the 60's! Beautiful!

  2. So would I love to have this look, even after all these years. I love the eyeliner. Pat x

    1. Pat - I bet you used to wear eyeliner like this. Love it. I was thinking about you today and your blue wedding shoes that I had to dress up with afterwards!!! V xxxxxx

  3. I experiment with eye liner from time to time - the only problem is that it irritates my eyes. These days everything does, and I LOVE a good eye makeup when I go out :(


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