Sunday, 2 March 2014

a new week rolls around

I hope you had a great weekend.

I took the kiddos to see The Lego Movie, which they loved.  I had a little nap in the middle of the movie, but then I seem to do that during most kids movies at the cinema these days!  The kids came home inspired to get to work on their Lego mountain (thankfully) and a new city is being resurrected as I blog!  Everything is Awesome!!!

We also went to my son's drum teacher's home to hear him and 3 other musicians (piano, saxaphone, bass) put on a little jazz concernt.  Wow!  So impressed by their skill and love for music and how they instinctively moved from one piece of music to the next from memory of years and years playing.  Ruby's comment was "Why do they have their eyes closed when they play?"She has been asking to take violin classes (eek - I believe I will have headphones on permanently for the next few years with the violin and Luca's drumming).

I'm longing for spring now. Last weekend we had sunshine and blue skies on a day at the coast.  And now this weekend (and the whole week ahead it seems) its rain rain and more rain.  I have these new Adidas Dragons that I want to wear all the time (but not in the rain) but it looks like the Hunters are going to be my footwear of choice this week.

The Huzz is the pancake maker in our house.  A stack of fluffy American style pancakes graces the breakfast table most Sunday mornings.  He is travelling this week, and so it will be up to me to rustle up pancakes for Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras / Pancake Day.  American style pancakes I love with maple syrup.  But the large thin pancakes I had as a child, I will always have with a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of sugar.  Delicious!
British-style pancakes... the ones they make for Pancake Tuesday! Yes, I finally looked up a recipe...
This made me chuckle.  Someone commented "the sweet spot gives you pancakes". :0)
via Pinterest

Here's a couple of links to start your week with.

10 Things You Must Have in Your Home by the Age of 30! - Well, I'm past 30 and I'm short on a couple of these must haves!    How about you?

What your Starbucks drinks says about you! - I'm a regular 12oz, 2% milk, latte drinker all year until the Pumpkin Space latte arrives and that's all I'm about!  What's your coffee fave?

Hope its a good one for you.


  1. Interesting, I never knew you were suppose to eat pancakes on Fat Tuesday! Have a great week! I like a little cinnamon sugar on my thin pancakes, it is something I picked up in South Africa.

    1. Kelleyn, maybe its a British thing with the pancakes on 'Fat Tuesday'. It has something to do with using up 'rich' ingredients, or foods that will not be eaten during Lent (in Christian religions). Now I'll definitely be adding cinnamon to our pancakes tomorrow - my son loves it! Happy Fat Tuesday!

  2. Love the pancakes, and is it really that time already!? Whew.

    The best thing about the Lego movie, which I really did enjoy, was the time afterwards at home. All the boys wanted to do when they got home was build a new lego city. So awesome.

  3. Lovely pancakes!! I stopped drinking coffee altogether when I went to Thailand last October. The detox headaches were so bad, I decided never to go back again. And you know what - I don't miss it.


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