Friday, 7 March 2014

a step into spring

Daylight Saving Time happens this weekend.  One hour less sleep (added to all the other hours sleep I've lost this week!) and one step closer to Spring.  Sunshine, filling the planters with flowers, open windows and doors and a fresh breeze.  This afternoon (after a week of what felt like a monsoon), the sun shone, and Ruby and I had lunch sitting outside on the deck in the sunshine!  Shock!  Blue sky and actually removing a cardigan as it was warm.  Long may it continue.

Today has been a day of household maintenance - furnace (boiler) service and replacing filters, central vacuum service (filled with pine needles from Christmas trees of past!), replacing 4 light bulbs (why did 3 die in the past two days!).  Lots of things checked off the mental List.  And one reason for my lack of sleep last night was that at 4.30am the battery in the gas / carbonmonoxide detector decided to give up and beeped for the next few hours!  The only way to reach it was to get a ladder from the garage, and at 4.30am I just buried my head under the duvet and tried my best to get some more sleep!   So a new battery was installed and I'm hoping tonight will be restful!

This weekend the Huzz returns from a 7 day trip.  Ruby has made him (another) welcome home card!  A birthday party and a little garden work are planned.  And that's just about it.  Nice.

Happy Springlike Weekend.

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  1. Portland does have some of the most spectaculare springs on this planet. So beautiful!


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