Monday, 21 April 2014

monday morning thoughts

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.  Late this year, and very spring like.  Doors were open and the kids ran in out out the house on the egg hunt this morning.  I think they found all 100 plastic eggs with a mini chocolate egg in each (with a final little guidance from Mrs Bunny (ie Me!).  And so the 'eating your own' body weight in mini chocolate eggs began and trying to have some control over how much chocolate the kids could actually eat without feeling ill !!!!

Saturday morning rugby match for my son, resulted in another knee injury (his weak spot it seems right now), and a finger that got stood on after his scored the first Try in the match, and is looking blue and swollen.  Sport and injuries go hand in hand don't they.  A doctor's appointment is schedule for the knees today!   A tough match which his team ended up losing (with some very poor refereeing) against a team that were apparently in the same Grade as his team (but had thighs and waists twice the size of our boys!!!).  Hmmmm.

We are getting all 'home grown' around here.  The Huzz has made three fantastic wood planters and the kids have sown seeds for jalepeno hot peppers, Roma tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes, Queen Ruby Beets, Rainbow carrots and Little Finger carrots.  We will watch in anticipation of our first crops (fingers crossed).

The Huzz and I had a wonderful Saturday afternoon with friends seeing Shakespear's Othello performed at the Armory in Portland.  It was only the second Shakespear play I've seen on stage and it was fabulous.  I am in awe of the actors and the huge amounts of Shakespearian dialogue they are capable of remembering and performing.  Loved it.  To be out on a Saturday afternoon, sans kiddos, was such a treat.  We felt 'free' and relaxed, laughed more and it was a real break from the norm.  Its now on our list to do more often.  And I actually preferred our afternoon 'date' than an evening one in many ways:  after a busy day with the kiddos, sometimes going out in the evening takes that extra effort and push (although worth it).  Not just sitting in a restaurant, but being out and about, seeing people, shopping, cafes, wandering the streets just the two of us.  I could get used to that!

Here's wishing you a great week ahead.


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