Saturday, 14 June 2014

schools out for summer

Another 12 days have passed in a blur since my last catch up here.  It's been a fun time, and this is a little round up, thanks to my iPhone (rather grainy) photographs
I now have a 6th Grader.  Well, that's what he's calling himself now that he 'graduated' from Elementary School this week and will be off to the middle school years in September.  The last week of school was whirl of celebration that these kids had passed through the whole school.  It's a relatively new school and most of the class of 2014 5th Graders were the first kids to go all the way through from when the school first opened its doors and they are Kindergardeners.  He has seen a week filled with a bowling trip, field (sports) day (non-competitive sadly), leaving party, crazy hair day, final assembly and hugs and goodbyes all around as the kids go off to many different schools.  He then went on to a friend's birthday celebration, sleepover etc and rolled home 24 hours after he left!  Give me strength to get through these coming teenage years!

And then my little 5 year old finished Pre-school (finally), and we had lunches and singing and photographs with all the kids and their teachers.  So sweet and so excited.  She will be off to Kindergarden at the school my son has just left.  One out.  One in.  And 6 years of volunteering begin again.

The Huzz and I had a fantastic night this week seeing One Republic live at an amphitheater on a beautiful hot sunny evening.  We danced, sang and generally rocked out.  Such a fantastic band live.  I'm still recovering from the 2am bedtime!!!

Following up on my last post.  I hosted a fantastic and hugely successful Jamie Oliver At Home party, introducing the fabulous products for the first time in Oregon!  Such was the enthusiasm from everyone who attended, I have now become the 100th Jamie Oliver At Home consultant in the USA, and the very first in Oregon.  So excited to represent this line of products.  My consultants kit arrived and next my rather large order for personal and business use.  Next week I'll be attending my first party as a Consultant, so I'm now busy practicing my routine and sales pitch in front of the mirror or in the car (with a few strange looks from fellow drivers!).   If you're in the US and would like to browse the JOAH line, stop by my personal website and take a look.  I bet there is at least one thing you'll love!  You can also order direct from me.

Summer vacation is here.  3 months of summer fun and sun, hopefully!  Wish me luck!

Happy Weekending.


  1. How awesome! What a couple of weeks! Your children are so adorable! Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the photos, your children are beautiful. Love the green hair too ;)

    Well done on the whole Jamie Oliver thing, that's very exciting, good luck!

    I love how you describe the "one in, one out" at school....with one at one stage at secondary school & one only half way through primary school I know just what you mean!

    Hope the summer is going well :)


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