Thursday, 2 October 2014

endless summer

Just as we thought the summer was coming to an end - boom - we get a scorcher of a weekend and spent the whole day at the beach on Saturday, kids swimming in the Pacific ocean (which really was the warmest we'd ever found it) and squeezing out the last of the sun lotion too.  Playing Petanque and throwing a ball around.  Running along the beach with our dog and enjoying the blue sky and warmth of the sun.  Amazing and beautiful and we must have said 100 times "Wow, we are so lucky."

Last week with a few days of rainy grey skies I heard a number of Portland people say "How lovely, Fall is here".  "Isn't it great to have some rain."  Even "Let's hope summer doesn't return.".  Yes, Pacific North West people do love their Fall, changing of seasons, leaves the most amazing colors and the damp cool air.  But I am loving this elongated summer and I'm hanging onto every last one of those extra sun-filled days.

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  1. I love these photos on the beach Vikki, especially caputuring the flying birds, Pat x


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