Wednesday, 29 October 2014

a taste of fall

Well, since my last post, Fall has arrived for sure.  We've visited a pumpkin patch, new rain boots have been purchased, the garden furniture has been covered up, the grill cleaned and stored in the garage, and thoughts are turning to warm filling meals and cosy evenings home.  Goodbye summer - it was outstanding.  Welcome Fall and all the warm colors and equally warm dishes that you bring.

I love the colors of Fall (who doesn't?) but I'm not so keen on the rain that comes down in bucket loads here.  Walking the dog at 6.30am in the dark, enveloped in a layer of rain resistant clothing, Hunter boots and a scarf is not my idea of fun!

But on the upside, I'm loving the homemade soups and risottos, and red wine and hot chocolates - in no particular order!

Bring on Halloween (I say reluctantly!)


  1. There you are....something made me think of your blog today, glad to see your post :)

    Your photos are gorgeous, I keep seeing the most gorgeous pumpkin patches & wishing we could visit one :)

    The clocks went back over here last weekend & it's dark now at quite enjoying it so far!

    Hope kindergarten is going well for your daughter...and for you :)

    1. Hi Simone. Yes, I'm still here, but not succeeding in getting my blogging done these days! You'd think there would be more than enough hours in my day now that Ruby is in Kindy, but they are filled easily with this that and the other! And I've been in a bit of a blog block too! Kindergarten is going well now - the first weeks were a little trying for her - so many new things, rules, long hours etc, but she seems to have found her feet now and much happier, thankfully. Enjoy the cosiness of Fall and hunkering down indoors on chilly afternoons.

    2. Glad she is settling in, it takes time doesn't it? Blog block...I hear you, we've all been there! Take care :)


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