Monday, 3 November 2014

jamie oliver at home - my favorite pieces

I mentioned here a while ago that I had become the very first Indpendent Consultant in Oregon, representing Jamie Oliver At Home - the first US business of one of our favorite Brits Jamie Oliver!

It's been a fun couple of months.  How cool is it to be introducing something completely new in the US!  Inviting people to home parties that they've not heard of before on been invited to time and time again. Being with a company at the very start of its journey.

Personally I think Jamie and I are a good match.  Both being British is a good start and our double act (him on DVD - me doing my thing) seems to be working a treat at all the parties I'm organizing.  I've been a fan for years.  My kitchen bookshelf is lined with Jamie's books - I certainly haven't made every recipe, but I can tell you I absolutely love reading them and looking through them.  What a great personality he has, and what a great mission to get people back into their kitchens, cooking, sharing and enjoying homemade food with family and friends.  Better Food for a Better Life.

And the Jme collection isn't half bad too!!  Actually I love them.  Before I decided to become a consultant (taking a small step back into the 'paid working' world after being a stay-at-home-mum for the past almost 11 years), I wanted to see the Jme Collection in person, to ensure I loved it and that I'd use it.  Well, that was easy!  My kitchen is now fully stocked.

So here are a few of my very favorite pieces that I use every day and that are truely great additions to our everyday family meals and entertaining with our friends.

Hope you have a great week, filled with good food and good times.

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  1. The salad hands are awesome. I love how he always uses his actual hands to toss 'em.


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