Thursday, 27 November 2014

hot hot hot hot chocolate

My kids arrive home from the school, and the first thing they ask for on these chillier days is a hot chocolate and a cookie (or 4!).  It's that comforting drink to warm up and feel cozy whether it's after a bike ride home from school, a long walk on a blustery day, or a snuggle on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon.
Ultimate Hot Chocolate / Jamie Oliver
I have great memories of drinking the most amazing chocolate drinks in Madrid during the Huzz and my first wedding anniversary.  Breakfast was the thickest chocolate drink - where the spoon really could stand up by itself - alongside with warm freshly made churros!  Mmmm! No calories there at all!
Spanish Hot Chocolate and Coconut Churros
My kids don't get that kind of chocolate indulgence, but I do like to throw on some mini-marshmallows, whipped cream and a dusting of chocolate powder.  That puts a smile of their faces before homework begins!  This chart gives you lots of ideas to pimp your hot chocolate this winter, be it with a touch of chilli pepper, Baileys, Nutella, or even Lavender which sounds amazing.  
How to Spice Up Your Hot Chocolate by naturalpuresimple #Infographic #Hot_Chocolate

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