Monday, 9 February 2015

life happens

Life seems to be going at a pace these days.  "The hours go slow, but the years go fast" -  well, not around here.  The hours, days and weeks are flashing before my eyes.

With a husband away with work, often, it can feel like the hours are running away on some days.  This weekend saw me in full chauffeur mode.  Delivering my son to judo and drum and a movie trip.  And having friends collect him for a go-karting afternoon.  Shopping with my daughter for her Valentine's party decorations and making Valentine's cards for her class friends.  Dog walking in the pouring rain in full waterproofs too many times.  Grocery shopping, cooking, and all the usual household duties.  Single parents that do this day in day out, my hat goes off to you.

I woke up Sunday to news that a longterm colleague of my husbands had died on Saturday night.  Suddenly, and whilst away on business at a company meeting in another country where my husband was also in attendance. Shocking, sad and heartbreaking for his family.  How unbearable for them to wake up on their Sunday morning and their world come crashing down.  I haven't stopped thinking about this sadness since.  I could hardly speak about such tradgedy with such a huge lump in my throat and tears rolling down my cheeks.  You can never know when the last conversation, hug, kiss, FaceTime chat, I Love You will be.  I have a heavy heart every single time my husband leaves on a trip.  It will be heavier from now on.  Life is fragile.

All We Have is Now!

I watched some of the Grammys (I couldn't make it until 11.30pm!!).  Things that struck me….  I really love Ed Sheerans song "Thinking Out Loud" (I sing it very very loudly in the car, often!).  Madonna's thighs!  I'm never going to warm to Kanye West's music or him.  Annie Lennox was fabulous and I loved her black sequin jacket (and am delighted I decided to keep a dark blue sequin jacket I recently ordered!).  Strange hair / hats going on.

Chalkboard paint eggs ♥

I am ready for spring and bought a few bunches of white tulips to try and hurry it along.  At the same time, I'm doing a snow dance in the hope that a huge dumping of snow will fall this week on Mount Hood so my kids and their friends get, finally, a decent snowboard lesson.  It's been the worst snow fall we've experienced and its pretty grim up there.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Death does put a whole other perspective on things....

  2. I was so sorry to read about your husband's colleague - what a shock and I agree, it could not really be any worse for his family. There are no words really. But I do entirely take your point that we all spend our time doing all of these little things, never knowing what might come next. I really can't dwell too much on is precious. Take care, Lou x

  3. So sorry for your loss! This has happened a couple times this year in our family. Life is so fragile and we should never take it for granted. I know what you mean with the days flying by. Events that seem so far off seem to sneak up upon me. Looking forward to a trip in Portland next month . Any suggestions for breakfast downtown?


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