Monday, 2 March 2015

around here recently...

What!  No blog post since February 9th.  How did that happen?  I see the regularity of some of my favorite bloggers posting daily, bi-weekly etc.  I stop by their blogs and read and sometimes comment, but haven't found the moment to sit and just get on with my own.

February tore up the tarmac with such speed I cannot fathom how we arrived at 3rd March.

Great and not so great stuff happened in February.  

The Great = beach days, swim wear and picnics in the sand!  Yes in February on the Pacific North West coast - crazy.

Snowboarding for my kids.  Although we could have done with a few more inches of snow, but still they loved it and I watched from the restaurant with a nice beer and dinner!

Spring sprung early.  Everthing is budding or blooming!  Long may it continue. Although, I do fear that the crazy weather differences between here on the west coast and the unstoppable snow on the east coast, will bring an uncertain summer and more than an April shower or ten!

Valentine's was fun.  I organized a little Friends' Valentine's Brunch for Ruby and 5 of her friends.  Heart shaped pancakes, heart shaped straws, cakes and chocolates.  Canvas painting and playing outside in the sunshine, all made for a great Sunday Valentine morning.

We moved my son from one middle school to another!  A major change in education style and a big step for him halfway through 6th Grade.  He is thrilled and loves it!  Relief for us all!

The Not So Great = two visits to the ER and one to the doctor!  Both for my son.   First off, a skier crashed into him, out of control after doing a jump, whilst my son was sitting at the edge of the piste with his snowboard instructor.  Grazed back and 'whiplash' symptons resulted in his being ceremoniously stretchered down to the mountainside ER.

The next week, an elbow in the face, instant headache and dizzyness meant a visit to the doctor to ensure no concussion.  All fine.

And finally, an unfair tackle during rugby training from a very disgruntled team mate that was not happy my son had prevented him scoring a try (even though it was a 'friendly' practice game) decided to 'get his own back'.  Two x-rays later, and thankfully no broken bones, but a sprained ankle and crutches for a week.  No rugby.  No snowboarding.  No judo.  Whoopee!

We are dreaming of sunny beaches and a vacation to a favorite place that holds good memories and great family time in the sunshine.  I feel a little vacation shopping coming on!

Hope you March is off to a great start.

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