Wednesday, 21 October 2015

fall(ing) into fall

Well summer has well and truly ended!  I've had the early morning walks in the dark with our dog Harvey, when I've had to pull my Hunters and my rain jacket!  Not pleasant at 7am, even before my first coffee!  The endless summer did actually end, of course it would - this is Oregon!

Thoughts obviously turn to keeping cosy, whether that's a feeling achieved with food, surroundings, ambience or style.  The change of season is welcome.  I absolutely LOVED our extended summer this year but definitely am feeling that Fall has made a welcome appearance.

Five things I'm going to enjoy this Fall are….

Wearing this fabulous skirt.  I purchased it from Marks & Spencer as soon as they were previewing.  I love this 70s style, and the hype around it being a "must have" was justified.  Beautifully designed and so well made, and the suede is perfect and makes you want to keep stroking it! 

This gillet from Zara caught my eye on Le Catch.
I pretty quickly found myself clicking on 'Add to Cart'.  Love it.

I'm determined to be more adventurous in the soup department.
Not just good old veggie soup, made with whatever veggies happen to be in the refrigerator!
This Lemon Chicken Orzo soup is going to be near the top of my list…

Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup - Chockfull of hearty veggies and tender chicken in a refreshing lemony broth - it's pure comfort in a bowl!

This Fall Sangria.
I'm planning on serving this at a little gathering with friends at home next week.  Delicious.

White Pumpkins.  My favorite.

Are you ready to decorate for fall but have a tight budget? Try one of these budget-friendly simple DIY Fall Mantle Ideas. Easy enough for anyone to do.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. And a Happy Wednesday to you too! I'm off to try this fall sangria you mentioned above, I can never resist!

  2. Thanks for sharing what inspires you! I can't wait to make this soup! It sounds and looks fantastic. I need to go on line and see if Mark and Spencers has a website. I was just in Budapest and they had a store and I bought a nightgown there! It is so soft! I want a second one! Wish I had bought a few! Have a great week!

    1. M&S does have a website and right now there is 20% off'. Also it often has free shipping to the US with a minimum spend of around $50! M&S is really a British institution and definitely a store I always visit online or when back home. Happy shopping!

  3. Pumpkins are not very big in Sweden. Thus they are sometimes hard to get by. Yesterday I came across a decorative pumpkin in a gardening centre that sold for the equivalent of 25 (!!) Euros. Seriously! Can you imagine what they'd have charged for a white one? :) xx

    1. Crazy prices! But I see a potential business for you! A few packets of pumpkin seeds and you will have yourself a pumpkin patch next year and nice little business bring pumpkins to Sweden.

  4. Ooh love the white pumpkins and feathers, I am so stealing that idea AND your one for growing them, I have an allotment, and am going to search for seeds now!!!


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