Wednesday, 3 February 2016

national carrot cake day

A Party Without Cake Is Just A Meeting - Or Is It? - 5 Birthday Cake Alternatives | Sundays and Somedays:

National Carrot Cake day (who decides this stuff ?!).

I do love a slice or two of carrot cake.  But I have never made one myself.  So I think today could be the day!

I've had some wonderful and some really not so wonderful carrot cakes in my life.  The worst was in a cafe in the Netherlands and was so dry and flavorless with barely any carrot to be found.  The best was at The Little Cupcake Bakeshop in New York City and was unbelievably moist, lots of carrot, walnuts and spices and toped with delicious cream cheese frosting (a must for me).  Perfection.   I swapped my Hummingbird cake with my friend's carrot cake and she never got it back!

So now to recreate something of equally good standards at home!

Here's a selection of what looks to be some of the most delicious carrot cakes around and a couple with a little twist of there own...

Carrot and pistachio cake. Beautiful!:

INCREDIBLE CARROT CARROT CAKE WITH CREAM CHEESE FROSTING {Simply classic, but probably the BEST recipe out there.  And that cream cheese frosting is so creamy, perfectly sweet and very stable!}

Carrot Cake with Orange Curd

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  1. Who would have thought there was a national carrot cake day! Go figure! I do like it, but not sure if it is worthy of it's own day like Nutella or Ice Cream.


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