Monday, 8 June 2009

Outdoor living

Over the past month we've spent a lot of time eating outside in our garden, gardens' of friends, in the park and in the city. It has been wonderful. Not only have we felt like we are living in a more sunnier country than the Netherlands, but it also feels like we are on vacation - all the time - and isn't that great! Our garden is small, but perfectly formed for me. No grass to cut, just grey/white stones on the ground and a border on two sides with lavender, hydrangea, honeysuckle and 'box' bushes and a couple of struggling clematis climbers. One lovely Acer tree, a couple of large pots filled with geraniums, and a couple of rosemary bushes to pluck from when Huzz makes his famous rosemary focaccia. Not much work to do really, so more time to sit and read, drink coffee at breakfast, relax over bruschetta at lunch and grilled fish at dinner. Perfect.
Here are some particularly lovely outdoor dining spaces I would be more than happy to relax in, host a lovely lunch for my girlfriends - or quite possibly a birthday party for my Huzz in a few weeks time, if the sun keeps shining. Enjoy. I will post a lovely picture of my garden shortly, but for now, check out martha stewart and living etc websites for some wonderful ideas for outdoor living.

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