Thursday, 25 March 2010


I'm not talking about the cute fluffy kind, or chocolate easter ones either.  Oh no, these are the grown-up kind.

This is a conversation with my son Luca.

It was bed time.  He was getting into PJs. I went downstairs to make warm milk with honey and a slice of toast ready for story time.   Five minutes later he is down stairs too.

Him - "Mama - why did you go to the front door before making my toast?"

Me - "I wanted to lock it.  And I also looked at something on the computer, and then I closed the curtains, and now I'm making your milk and toast.  Its busy being a mum isn't it?"

Him smiling and nodding - "When I'm a mama I'll do everything as well."

Me - "You won't ever be a mama, but you might be a papa."

Him - "Well, when I'm in love I'll do everything.  That's when I've met a Hot Chick."

Me - "Hot Chick! - Who told you about Hot Chicks?"

Him - "Papa" he says laughing.

He's 7 - what's he going to be like at 17?

I asked Huzz about this later.  He said "I told him that he'll need to find himself a Hot Chick when he's older, just like I found you!".    What could I say?  Love the men in my life.


  1. That is so endearing. Love the 'when I'm in love I'll do everything.' Gorgeous.

    Let's hope he doesn't meet a hot chick quite yet though.

  2. That is so adorable! I'm sure he'll meet a hot AND lovely chick. Seems like he's quite a special catch himself! xxx LZ

  3. HAHA. I love that he thinks he is going to be a mum. That's really sweet.

  4. Ah that is so lovely! I love it when kids come out with gems like this! SC is all about the questions at the moment - top two so far are religion and how did she get out of my tummy! I guess thats better than how did she get in there! x

  5. I say Hello and Thanks, XXX (lol)

  6. Oh! That is adorable! And your husband is really so sweet.

  7. Yes!! I LOVE it!!

    Happy Weekend, you Hot Mama Chick!

  8. What a darling story. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Hello

    Just wanted to let you know received the secret post parcel this morning and really loved it , the eggs disappered at an alarming rate . Hubby and the children and i just loved them.

    The pictures are amazing , i think im going to put them in a frame above my bed. The colours go with my room so well .
    Happy to find your blog to , it looks like our youngest are the same ages (20th Sept 2008) .

    Sorry for posting here but could not find another way to contact you


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