Sunday, 28 March 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

We are so looking forward to the release of Toy Story 3 this summer.  It'll be great to see the return of Woody, Buzz, Mr Potato Head, Zurg, Jessie, Slinky, Ham and of course the little aliens again.

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were Luca's favourite films from about 3 to 5 years old.  We are on our 2nd DVD as the first just about gave up through too much use and abuse!  He absolutely loved the characters, in particular Buzz Lightyear.  We'd know exactly where he was as "To Infinity and Beyond" could be heard loud and clear.  Springing through the air onto his bed, at the swimming pool, on the trampoline, jumping naked between two beds in a San Francisco hotel room (a great little movie clip I can tell ya!).  Yep, he had the full Buzz costume too which he wore to death.  A great costume for his first Halloween, excitedly running up and down the street with the world's supply of candy in his hands .  It is so worn through now, but one of those things I just can't throw out as it has so many great memories.

We have such a great collection of the toys.  Some were brand new like Woody and Buzz and Zurg (the first toys Luca actually asked to have), but others were picked up at a Goodwill store in the US for a couple of dollars each - Rex the dinosaur, Jessie the cowgirl, and Mr Potato head with a whole load of accessories (how could anyone give these away?).  We also have a bucket of soldiers and a barrel of monkeys that link together.  Our little aliens were found via ebay.  You could say we are fans!

We visited Walt Disney World a couple of years back and stayed at the 'All Star Movies' hotel.  Luca was overwhelmed before we'd even set foot in the Magic Kingdom.   In amongst the hotel accommodation are the most enormous statues of Toy Story characters - as tall as the 3 storey hotel.  For a 5 year old Buzz crazy boy, this was heaven.  Actually, for us adults it was pretty fantastic too.  Here's a few of our photos.

Now I see there are a whole range of new toy characters lined up for Toy Story 3.  Ken is there as a little love interest for Barbie, a hedgehog named Mr Pricklepants, Trixie the Triceratops, a cuddly unicorn named Buttercup and a cuddly bear and Dolly.   I can see more toys will be making their way into our toybox this summer. 

I have no doubt Toy Story 3 will be a huge hit in our house.  Maybe even Ruby will take an interest and all the toys will come out of their storage box for the 2nd time round.  I'm pretty sure these toys will never be left behind or passed on - they are with us for life.

Do you or your children have a favourite children's movie? 


  1. our favorite (yes, me included) is the emperor´s new groove... "boom baby!"

  2. He must have been totally overwhelmed at Disney World. We've never bitten the bullet and taken ours and now one is too old and one too young - but maybe in the future. 'Toy Story' 1 and 2 are such good films. Such charm and wit. I think I'd have to rank them pretty much up there at the top.

  3. Both my kids love the Toy Story movies. And we too have a bunch of the characters in plush and plastic. My favorite childhood movie was Beauty and the Beast, although now that I think about it, the message isn't right. The beast has a way of staying a bully of a man, regardless of how sweet and kind the woman is.

  4. Toy Stories were my children's favorite too but now they are teenagers:) They watch Resident Evils.

    You are right on on 1998, it was the year "I did not have sexual relations with that woman":). The pictures were right out of the song, Hotel California in Todos Santos, Baja California, Mexico. Thank you for playing along, I appreciate it:)

  5. I love the Toy Story films. Gorgeous and innocent. I think my favourite of the Disneys has to be the Lion King. Adore it. And Bambi, though for me that's a three-tissue movie

  6. Toy Story is our favourite! Sunnyboy loves these pictures. :)


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