Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I hear, I see, I feel

This little meme arrived via VBinC.

I hear

Some voices out in the street and a dog barking (does the dog bark in dutch I wonder?)
My washing machine on yet another cycle - Ruby sat in a puddle today!
My neighbour beginning to play her piano.

I see

My desk (oh how I wish I could keep things off it - I'd like it clear, just like in a magazine).
A b/w canvas print of my son Luca lying in a hammock smiling up on the wall in front of me.
An orange tulip in the garden, through the French doors next to my desk - a bit sad on its own.

I feel

Thirsty - I must drink more water.
A little tired after an 60 lap swim this morning.
Like eating a mini-Milky Way (a family bag is sitting in the kitchen calling out).

To the following bloggers:

Spain Daily
Angie Muresan

If you fancy it, what are you feeling, seeing and hearing today.


  1. Lovely.
    I like this instant description.
    And the photo is gorgeous!

  2. That was lovely, Victoria. I feel like I'm right there with you. And I love that allium picture.

  3. Thank you, Victoria. I'll post mine up on Thursday.

    I believe that after swimming 60 laps you deserve not one, but two mini Milky Ways. And does anyone really have uncluttered desks?

  4. just popped over via Deer Baby's blog and enjoyed your description which made a very vivid picture in my mind - but did you manage to get away with just eating one milky way?
    If you fancy dropping in on me I'd always be pleased to see you

  5. your photo is stunning! and i love your descriptions. thanks for thinking of me:) from one swimmer to another. hugs!

  6. That was so lovely! Thanks for the birthday wishes too, always very nice to see you at my blog :D


  7. Beautiful photos! I am impressed with 60 laps. Have a great weekend!


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