Monday, 1 March 2010

Shades of summer

I must spend more time taking care of my nails.   Pre-kiddos, I near permanently wore the now modern classic Chanel 'Rouge Noir' (or 'Vamp') on my finger nails.  But I can't see such a dark colour lasting longer than a day with all the clearing up, washing, playing, hide 'n' seek, etc I do these days.  Still, the occasional manicure would please me (and Huzz) no end - he loves dark painted nails (and I think it would make me feel a little more glamourous as well).  Must try harder!
Now my toes, I do like to keep fully varnished and ready to slip into some summer sandals should the weather change dramatically, or I'm whisked off unexpectedly to hotter climates (ever hopeful).  I love tanned feet with coloured nails - that's my summer thing.

We nearly always visit the US every year, and one of the first things I do is track down a good mani / pedi salon where I'm staying.  The cost is half what it is in Europe and to sit in those big relaxing chairs, with its in-built massager going up and down my knotted back, coffee or magazine by my side, and have my toes and hands taken care of is fab-u-lous!  As hard as I may try at home, a DIY pedicure is nowhere near as good as the professional one.

My favourite nail enamel brand these days is OPI.  I find the enamel quality and colours are fantastic.  I've been taking a look at the new OPI Hong Kong collection (launched in Feb) and also its India collection, trying to choose what shades I'd like my toes this summer.....

Great names for these shades as well...

(l to r).  Monsooner or Later, Lucky Lucky Lavender, Hot & Spicy, Red My Fortune Cookie, I'm India Mood for Love

What colour would you choose?


  1. I think I would go for "hot and spicy" (especially if I am a little bit tanned which is far from the case right now;))
    I love the color is the name is fantastic!

  2. Sometimes I think you're in my head. I love that Chanel Rouge Noir (the Pulp Fiction one). There's cheaper ones around but nothing beats it -and I like the look of the bottle on my dressing table. I am a sucker for the name and the image/packaging - I've just bought Chanel's Inattendu because I read something about it looking like Faye Dunaway's fingers in the Thomas Crown Affair. I also bought
    a Nails Inc one at the weekend called Jermyn Street- a griege colour. I like Opi too but I'm currently in love with Butter London ones.

    I would choose the corally one - hot and spicy for toes (if I was going somewhere hot).

    My husband dislikes painted nails. Isn't that odd?

  3. oohhhh my god - don`t watch my nails ;-)

  4. Definitely one of the reds. If I was going to do it at all. Maybe I should when my pedicure wears out.

  5. love these colors. can´t wait for a pedi- that signifies summer for me:)

  6. Lovely nail polish pics. Love the bright pink shades...I was just in central america and it looked great on my tanned toes:) Red my fortune cookie heehee:) x LZ

  7. I am in desperate need of a mani and pedi. love the colors you choose. I normally go neutral, ha, go figure.

  8. Oooh I love the Lucky Lucky Lavender shade... I could eat it! (But I won't)! I love that mani pedi's are so much cheaper in the States but also that it's much more the norm to have it done all the time. Yet another reason to move to New York... sigh.... With you on keeping the toes painted at all times. Even if its raining out, if I look down at painted tootsies I feel so much brighter!

  9. I'm actually addicted to nail polish. After a winter of grey and dark red I'm loving pale pinks and taupes at the moment. My fave right now is Tickle my France-y by OPI.

  10. Now my toes are crying out for a pedicure! And some of this fabulous polish! I LOVE Monsooner or Later and Hot & Spicy. Great choices!

  11. The names make you want to take a sip. Though not very recommendable ;)
    I am doing my nails when little L is asleep. And I try to get them done every once in a while; it's so much easier to keep them nice when they are in a good shape to begin with. Plus, it's such a treat!

  12. I agree I don't mind too much about hands- though a rouge noir manicure looks amazing it really only lasts a day I find- all the typing I think! Pedicures though I am fanatical about. I am pretty good at doing it myself actually but it's also the first thing I do in the states- so much cheaper and so good that I don't feel guilty!

    I like OPI but my absolute favourite is Essie- which again is vastly cheaper in the USA. The Chanel colours are great too and it's nice varnish but a bit more liquid than essie.

  13. i love that top color! i don't wear anything on my nails anymore - always crafting, sanding, painting, typing, making something in the kitchen. does not last. not to mention that i am six feet tall and have large muscular hands (all those years of twirling and painting)...i look like a drag queen when i wear polish on my fingers. ha!

    in general, i'm more of a slate gray, steel, oak, wine color kind of person. :)

  14. I used to only allow shades of white and nude on my nails only, but when I finally experimented with rainbow brights, I love it! Right now my toe nails are pastel pink and my fingernails in pearly white.

    I love OPI's creative and quirky names, and of all the shades you have posted up, I'd pick I'm India Mood for Love! ;)

    Hope you are having a wonderful week! <3


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