Monday, 24 May 2010


Nine years ago, two pretty blond Dutch ladies, Femque and Janneke, created their own line of bespoke pottery and paintings.  Their unique style has grown into the brand 'Blond Amsterdam', that has a store and studio where they produce wonderfully hand painted pottery, stationery, cookbooks, cards, clothing and linens.  Blond is stocked a select number of stores in NL, amd one store each in Switzerland and Germany (UK and France are in the pipeline I believe), and of course online.



The reason I'm telling you about Blond, is that on Friday I went to a leaving dinner for a friend of mine that will be moving with her family to Norway in a couple of weeks (we shall all miss you G).  As a leaving gift from a group of her friends, we all contributed to getting a personalised Blond Amsterdam teapot for her.  The teapot was handpainted and depicted G herself on one side and a family portrait with her husband and two lovely girls on the other (all copied from original photographs provided to Blond).  There are also lots of cakes and cupcakes (G is a fabulous cake maker and I shall miss her wonderful carrot cake for sure), and a stroopwafel (typical of NL).  A message was handed painted on the underneath.  It was a fabulous surprise for G and something she will treasure for always.  Every cup of tea will hold great memories for her.

I'm now waiting for family or friends to have a big birthday or other celebration so that I can order one of these wonderfully colourful and unique pieces.

Bon voyage G. Wishing you wondeful adventures in Norway.


  1. These are fantastic Victoria. A wonderful way to remember a friend.
    Imagine if your children had a hand in creating one for you!
    Best wishes for a wonderful week!


  2. These are adorable! Will make a perfect gift for a friend or family. Have a great day!

  3. I got this tea set as a wedding present from a friend who lives in Den Haag. :)


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