Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Essentials for summer

As mentioned yesterday, I found a little time to just sit still and flick through British Vogue in the garden this weekend.  Vogue had put the question " What are your summer essentials?" to a few of its contributors - Tom Ford mentioned a yacht and horseback riding, another said lazing in a boat drifting along the river, another kids, dogs and sunblock.   So I had a little think about the elements that make up my summer (no yachts here that's for sure!).

Sensi 'Monte Carlo' flip flops (I've been wearing them for years and love them) - love the little massaging bumpy soles, and that water can trickle out easily.

Lunches in the garden with home made rosemarry focaccia
dipped in fragrant olive oil and balsamic

together with
Greek salads

Beaches and sunshine

Wide open French doors on to my garden
image via MyHomeIdeas (not my house - but I do have French doors onto my little garden and I shall endeavour to provide a photo soon!)

Lots of riding on my Trek bike (now with Ruby sitting upfront)

Geraniums spilling out of garden pots

Summer dresses


At least one new nail varnish - so far OPI Monsooner or Later

Fun in the sun with my kiddos (and the Huzz of course)

And a good supply of chilled Prosecco. elderflower cordial with sparkling water, and some cold beer.

And you.  What's on your summer essentials list?


  1. Great pictures, was disappointed that wasn't your house though.

    My summer essentials are shorts, vests & flip flops, homemade sangria, afternoons at the beach, paella in a beach side restaurant, cheese toasties, rosé wine, twice weekly bbq's, my little rooftop terrace, my bougainvillea and tons of ice cream.

  2. Oooh lots of lovely pictures. Mine are picnics, our retreat on the island, birkenstocks, painted toenails, summer stocks (smell divine), ice cream.

    I've just bought lots of little lollipop makers, stocked up on sun cream, and a maxi dress and whadda you know. Raining today.

  3. The photo of you and the children is just gorgeous. I hope that you have got it enlarged and framed somewhere where you can be so proud of your beautiful family. xx

  4. Barbecues! And summer dresses. And I just got some new nail varnish too.

  5. Oh, that last shot of you and your lovelies is AMAZING!

  6. I agree with the supply of chilled prosecco. A definite must for summer. Great pictures. And hey, since I'm from the US and don't get all the British vocab, what is "mangetout" that is on the recipe for sesame peanut noodles you referenced from Nigella. I want to make them soon. Yum Yum.


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