Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Strawberry shake

Yesterday, I collected Luca from school and we popped straight to the supermarket.  For the first time ever, I gave him the money and he went in by himself to buy a tub of our favourite organic vanilla icecream.  He's been asking for a while if he could do some shopping alone.  Small steps!

The icecream was needed as I really fancied whipping up a lovely creamy strawberry milkshake when we arrived home (after seeing all those deliciously cool drinks I blogged about yesterday).

We popped into the blender a good 25 strawberries.  Half a tub of said icecream.  Some milk.  One teaspoon of vanilla extract.  A few ice-cubes.  And pulsed away.  

Delicious. Easy.  And Pretty Pink.


  1. Wow these look fab! I'm very excited to go home and try this in my mixer!

  2. Yummy! That looks fab and easy - I could even do it. We let Sonny go to the shops sometimes by himself too. Small steps indeed.

  3. If I see one more tasty treat in the blogging world today I may need to venture into my kitchen and sort myself out!!

  4. hummmmm! miam.... i love summer fruits :)


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