Monday, 12 July 2010

Weekend Lows and Highs

The journey that didn't take place.

We had a couple of lows this weekend.

Ruby and I were supposed to be visiting my mum and sister in Scotland for the weekend.  But ... whilst waiting in the looooong Ryan Air (you get what you pay for - basically nothing!) check-in line at Dusseldorf airport, I looked down at Ruby's bare feet (too hot for shoes) and her little toes and underneath her feet were covered in spots - red with white raised centers.  There were more on her hands.  And so on her knees.  She'd also had a few on her bottom in the daytime which I assumed was a sweat rash.  She was grizzly and not her usual self.

Mum is on her 3rd round of chemo and very fragile and prone to picking up any illness around her.  Sister is 7 months pregnant.  Chicken Pox has been going around here big time and I've avoided friends whose kiddies were sick for the past few weeks.  I so wanted to take Ruby to see mum.  She is a darling and so much fun.  She would really give mum a boost.

I tried calling the friends whose kiddies had recently been infected - no answer from anyone.  I called my sister and explained what I saw.  I jumped out the check-in line and went to the Information desk.  Was there a First Aid desk or person here who could advise?  A man came to see us and spoke entirely in German and the Information Desk lady translated, but he had no clue as to what the spots could be or what Chicken Pox looked like.  I Googled on my iPhone to find out more - the spots did look like Chicken Pox, but I still couldn't be sure - apparently they normally come out first on the body.

What to do, what to do?  Firstly I needed to cool Ruby down and bought an ice-lolly which pleased her no end, but mostly melted on her dress.   I called my sister again.  We agreed that I couldn't risk taking Ruby on the flight.  What if it was Chicken Pox?  I couldn't take her near mum and apparently my sister would need to get a vaccination. We would not be able to fly back until the spots were gone.

We solemnly went back to the car.  Ruby was saying 'On plane, on plane' over and over.  She cried nearly the whole way home (apart from 20 mins nap from exhaustion).

We arrived home, hot, sad and waiting to see if Ruby would be covered by Saturday morning.

That was the 1st low for the weekend.

Then we had a high.  The horrible rash and spots did not spread any further on Ruby.  They looked terrible on her feet, but thankfully that's where they stayed.   We think it may be a reaction to a particular type of caterpillar present in NL at this time of year, that sheds its little hairs all over the grass.  We are still waiting to see our GP today for confirmation.  In the meantime, we are covering her little feet in Calamine Lotion and keeping them cool and away from the grass.

As Ruby and I had planned to be away, and the weather was gorgeous, Huzz and Luca had booked a hotel at the coast for the weekend.  We changed the booking to a family room and joined them.  The cool sea water kept Ruby's little toes happy.  And we all enjoyed a few hours on Saturday afternoon at the beach in Vlissingen and again on Sunday, with dips in the hotel pool in between.  It was hot, but a cool breeze was wonderful after the almost still hot air at home.  Luca had the best time working on his skim boarding and did so well.


Wipe Out!

So, some family time at the beach made up a little for not getting to Scotland.  But my mum was so disappointed.  I'm not trying to fix up a flight for next weekend to go alone and take her out and about a little.

The 2nd low ....   well if you'd been half interested in the football World Cup, you'd know that it was a sad night for Holland.  Huzz and Luca went into the city along with the thousands of others dressed in orange to watch the final on the huge screens and to experience the crazy maybe 'once in a life-time' moment.  They returned at half time.  It was near impossible to move and Luca had to sit on Huzz's shoulders to catch any kind of glimpse of the action.  He so wanted to be part of the crowd, but I think it was just a bit to much for him.  The comfort of the sofa, cold drinks, snacks and a good view won them over.  Sadly, Holland lost 0 - 1 to Spain.  Luca sobbed.  Poor little guy.  We'd talked about how they may not win.  But of course he was so sure his team would hold the trophy high and he'd be running down the street in celebration.  And so, to bed late and very tired today.  My feelings go out to all the teachers today who have a classroom filled with tired disappointed children here in NL.  Its gonna be a tough day.

Hope you had a great weekend.  Here's to a good week.


  1. What a weekend! My heart went out to all those solemn faces surrounded by orange. My hubby got up to watch it, practically wearing his Hup Holland scarf, but it was not to be. Next time!

    My heart also goes out to your mum. Sad that she missed an uplifting visit. But hopefully you'll get there next time.

    PS: I'm jealous of those beach shots. The depths of winter here is not as bad as there, but summer looks good anywhere!

  2. phieuwww... you need a rest, girl. all the best to your little family, hey?

  3. Oh I'm so sorry you didn't get to go and see your Mum and sis, and also that your Mum is ill. I didn't know that. Thank goodness it wasn't the pox - I know it's good for them to get it young - but I'm sure you could have done without it at the moment. My friends children got it when we were on holiday and they weren't allowed to fly back for ages.

    Still, glad Luca had fun even though the football result was disappointing. Mine was rooting for Spain so he was pleased!

    Hope you get to go over to Scotland soon.

  4. What a weekend! Hope things perk up this week. :)

  5. oh i can feel how disappointed you and ruby must have been not too have been able to see your loved ones...a tough call but sounds like you made the right one. i hope you can take that flight soon. and i hope that ruby is feeling better. little toes dipped in the sea was part of our weekend too! at last england is cooling off a bit...i am actually pleased to see the clouds move in! and the football? i remember my wee brother in tears when his team lost a game. it doesn't get any easier for them when they become big boys either! hope that with monday over everyone is a bit chirpier : )

  6. I'm so sorry you didn't get to see your family, especially as she wasn't actually sick.


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