Saturday, 25 September 2010

almost groundhog day

Friends, remember when Ruby and I tried to get to Scotland to visit my mum in July (read here), and what a disaster it was?   Well...

It happened again yesteday.  Not quite the same story, but we still didn't catch the flight.

We were on our way to see my sister and new nephew, and visit my poorly mum.

We set out with 2 and a half hours to spare before check-in closed.  The journey should take 1 hour 15 mins.  To my discovery the main highway to the airport was completely closed for the weekend.  Huge detours, enormous traffic congestion and 1 hour 20 mins later, we were no more than 10 miles from home! Thankfully Ruby had stopped singing 'The wheels on the bus' and had fallen asleep. There was no movement on the roads whatsoever.  The Sat Nav was driving me insane "in 150 yards do a U turn"!!!  Aaghhh!!!

I was in contact with Huzz who was at home checking on the internet alternate routes.  But these were going to take another 90 mins and were traffic blocked too.  It became obviously clear there was no way we would make it in time to park the car, unload and check in our luggage.  We came home.

Ruby woke up outside the house. "Where's plane?".  Poor little girl, she must think I'm joking every time as say we are going on a plane together.

Stressed?  Oh yes.

We are booked onto another flight today.  I am planning a different route, and I shall leave the house 4 hours before check-in closes.  Wish us luck.

PS - lesson learnt - always check for road works before going on a journey!


  1. the very best of luck, you’s ! it must be frustrating, in an outlandish sort of way, to not be able to just catch that plane and go visit. i mean, if it wasn’t so unbelievable, it’d be funny. i hope you get there this time, being third time, and all that…
    on the other hand, i adore groundhog day.

  2. Oh you poor thing! I bet you just could not believe this was happening to you again. I feel your pain, that sort of thing always seems to happen to me where nothing seems to go according to plan. No where near as important as what happened to you, but I took Mia to a Princesses Party yesterday, ran around in the morning buying her a new princess dress and shoes, presents, etc., turned up at the house to be told I had the wrong day! I hope that you have a much more successful journey there today and please give my love to all, and extra big kiss for our new baby boy in the family. xxxxxx

  3. Oh no.. hope you don't hit the heavy traffic this time. I know that it's so stressful!

    Hope you have a great trip!! xo

  4. What a nightmare! There is nothing worse than that stressful feeling of knowing you're not going to make it. I hope today's effort goes better.

  5. Oh your poor thing. Not again!

    Really hoping you make it this time. x

  6. Fingers crossed you aer able to get there!!

  7. Oh dear what a nightmare! It is so stressful when you think you should have plenty of time and this sort of things happen. Good luck for next time!

  8. Oh no! That would be too much for me. ;)

  9. Oh Victoria, what a nightmare! So sorry to hear about your Mum. I hope you call all get to her soon...on time and safely!

    Jeanne :)


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