Sunday, 3 October 2010

interior inspiration

I found another online distraction!  Whilst browsing Bloesem Kids, this gorgeous photo jumped out at me.  Love these pom poms, don't you?

Covet Garden is a home inspiration and style magazine (Canada based) that's on its 2nd issue.  If you like peeping into other people's homes (like me), then take a look.  It's not a huge publication, but the styling and images are great.  


  1. oh my. those pom poms! i've got to make elsa some! i'm off to take a peek at the link before i make her bottle...thank you for sharing. x

  2. So pretty, I'm in love with those pom poms!

  3. Can't wait to check it out! LOVE that room!

  4. Wow. I thank you for these links - they were both great sites to find! Those pom poms (+ the rest of that sweet child's room) are awesome.

  5. I adore the whole nursery. So sweet.


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