Sunday, 11 March 2012

the world in a room

So we are still hunting for a new family home here in the US. Who'd have thought that with the housing market at a low that we would still be looking for the right one?  Not me.  Maybe we were being too optimistic?  Maybe we should settle for a home that doesn't tick every box on our list, just most of them?

In the meantime, I'm gathering together all kinds of ideas for when 'the' house comes along.  And I cannot wait to unpack all our stuff again (which has now gone into storage here) and make a great home for our family.

For now, I will keep storing all the ideas and plan rooms in my mind, on my Pinterest boards and in my ideas folder filled with pages torn from magazines.

Starting with Luca's bedroom.....

I'm thinking 'maps'.  A wall covered with a huge world map.  A globe he can spin and plan world adventures.  And possibly a huge chalk board / wall too.

Bedroom world map

(This one will be perfect for helping us all to learn our US states!)

Globes for my boy's room

Bedroom chalk board wall.

images via Pinterest

What great ideas do you have for boys bedrooms?


  1. A map is on my list! I'm trying to source one that won't break the bank, without any luck so far. Maybe soon... x

  2. Great inspiration here!

  3. I LOVE these ideas! The world is such a perfect decorating theme.
    We don't have any kids, but my husband is a firefighter, so he'll be pushing for a fireman theme ;)

  4. Large map and chalkboard seems great! hope you are settling well and Ruby has found new sweet is that story:), bless her and what about her room? perhaps pink & purple?:) have a great weekend


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