Tuesday, 26 June 2012

corner view 'mineral'

The 3rd and last in CV's mini series.  Mineral (Animal and Vegetable are below).

A recent visit to the coast for a camping trip, where we spent hours playing at the beach.  I love the way the water and wind has made these gorgeous ripples in the sand.  When you walk across the sand with bare feet, it squeaks!

For more CV minerals around the world, stop by Fuoriborgo.
Thank you Dana for three week theme.

Happy Corner Viewing.


  1. i'm curious how many sand grains will turn up today. i fully enjoy these wonderful summer vistas, since i'll stay put.
    all summer.
    and dream of beaches...

  2. Oh, how I'd love to be there!!

  3. very graphic ... I miss the beach !!

  4. Great images! I really like the second shot! Counting down my day until we hit the beach. Have a great week!

  5. I could see myself camping on a site like that. Anything else though... Not a fan of the typical Welsh, muddy fields over here :)

  6. really beautiful nature art!

  7. I love this pattern created on the sand. Beautiful photos!

  8. These photos are gorgeous ! I love when sand has been untouched by footprints and you can see the natural lines !

  9. I haven't visited in too long. So beautiful. We've been loving our (short little) camping trips. It's so dry here now, though, that we couldn't have a camp fire the other night. It's not quite the same! Love these photos, Victoria.

    1. meaning I haven't visited you here in too long and everything looks beautiful here!

  10. Those ripples in the sand are always so cute!

  11. These are stunning photos, Victoria! You've captured a whole different view of sand. That first one looks like someone painted black lines in the sand. That's some awesome photography!


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