Saturday, 16 March 2013

pretty succulents

I'm definitely coming round to updating our garden with some gorgeous succulent plants.  Edging around the house or along the path; in big plant pots or even being completely adventurous and trying a wall display!  The colours, textures and modern feel of these plants is so attractive and of course there's the bonus that they are pretty self-sufficient (for the non-green-fingered people amongst us!).  Although around here (prone to more than a little drop of rain!) some more attention needs to be given to drainage and soil.  But nothing that a little web surfing won't advise on I'm sure.   Gorgeous aren't they.


All images via Pinterest (of course!).


  1. Love them all Victoria, in my mind you can never have too many. The best thing is that it is nearly impossible to kill them. My kind of gardening! xx

  2. Beautiful! Winter is exceptionally long this year in London. I bought three lovely lovely hydrangeas about a week ago and one has died already, as the warmer weather was more wishful thinking than actual Spring.


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