Thursday, 13 June 2013

one year on ...

Today is the last day of school for my two kiddos.  The end of 4th Grade for Luca and the end of pre-school (next Pre-K) for Ruby.  It seems to me that this year has been the fastest school year ever!

Challenges and achievements, fun and friends, laughter and tears.  Its been a full year and the first full US academic year for them both - we relocated to the US a third of the way into last school year.

And now.... 12 weeks of summer vacation!    I shall delight in the not rushed mornings, pool visits, play dates with friends, travel and sunshine.   And yet I'm painfully aware that 12 weeks with my two will no doubt bring a few more grey hairs and moments when we will all need a 'time out'!

Bring on the summer.... I'm (almost) ready!

At the start of school year 2013

At the end!

(and a change in house colour too this year)


  1. 12 weeks, wow!!! I guess you don't have half term holidays like we do over here though....still sounds like a long holiday though ;)

    Congratulations to them on a full year at their new schools though :)

    I am wondering whether or not I should say to you that school years speed up the older they get. Possibly I should not tell you that ;)

    Happy hols!!

  2. wow! they are so big!
    happy summer!


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