Saturday, 22 June 2013

the start of summer

This first week of summer vacation has been nicely busy.  Seems I'm not the only one, as so many of my favourite bloggers have been MIA too - getting into the swing of the first week of summer vacation (and children 24/7), winding up of the school year with so many fun activities for kids and parents at schools, or off on vacations to all corners of the world.

We've had a mixed bag of lazy mornings, swimming, zoo, judo classes, icecreams, parks and playing with friends.  We also squeezed in a visit to the dentist and haircut too just to make sure we're looking good and don't have any toothy problems on our summer travels!

In between all the fun stuff, we keep a little 'school work' going so that everything they learnt in the past year isn't completely forgotten over the next 3 months vacation.  My son (age 10) he has thirty minutes each day of either math[s] practice or 4 pages from the Summer bridge the gap from 4th to 5th grade workbook, plus 1 hour of reading.   My Ruby (age 4) practices her letters, numbers, spelling and learning to read.  So far so good - without too much face pulling or moaning that I am a mean mama!

This is what our days have looked like so far ...

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.



  1. My children also do those work books during the summer. Today we went to see Monsters University. So cute! Now we are off to the pool. Glad your summer is going well so far. Like u next week we haveour dr. Appts.

  2. Hello :)

    Your children are very lovely...and your young man is growing fast isn't he?
    Love the photo of the glasses & moustache, makes me want to do that!!

    Your summer hols are so long, I think a little schoolwork sounds like a great plan Xx

  3. Summer is great for a change of routine and outdoor activities. Fun photos!

  4. Sounds perfect, and I guess I'm a mean mama too with a tiny bit of practice each day with letters and/or math. But this is our first week - today's the last day! - and I also plan to fit in a lot of ice cream, swimming, and fun. Yay for summer!


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