Friday, 30 January 2015

croissant day

National Croissant Day is today 30th January!  Hooray!  I'm happy to oblige and indulge!

Two Christmas's back I gave my wonderful Huzz a Croissant Making Course with Sur La Table here in Portland.  He's a fabulous artisan bread maker and I thought croissant making would be another string to his bow.  How thoughtful of me!

Oh how delicious are his butter croissants.  Flaky, light, buttery….mmmmmmmmm!  Yes a little time needs to be taken, but the smell of croissants baking in the morning, and the delicious buttery warm taste.  Bliss.

And yesterday I found out that today was National Croissant Day!  Hint hint Huzz!


  1. Yummy and even better if they were filled with chocolate .

    1. Definitely chocolate, but my very favorites are the warm ham and cheese ones! Sooo good! Happy weekend.

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