Friday, 9 January 2015

january brings ...

As many yoga classes as I can squeeze in - from yin to power yoga and back again. 
Yoga, chiro and the odd massage have been working a treat on my stiff back these past few months.

Sorting.  Tidying.  Donating.
I love a good clear out.  Stuff thats been hanging around gathering dust.
I have a mix of things that go to a 'nearly new' sale store and I get 50% of the sale price back
(which usually goes on purchasing more stuff from the store)
And then much more that goes to a chartiy store.

Planning a vacation and a weekend getaway.
Looking forward to some sunshine in the spring already.

Enough snow at Mount Hood for the kiddos to have some great snowboarding lessons.
They begin this evening.  Snowboarding on the floodlite mountainside.
I will on the other had been enjoying a bowl of chilli and a glass of wine!

Rearranging some furniture and thinking about painting a few walls.
This year is the year to refresh the walls.
White. White and more White!

Trying out a few new recipes.
These are on the list so far.

Balsamic Roasted Beets

Cardamom Rose Gin and Tonic

Mushroom, Goat Cheese and Herb Frittata #food #breakfast #eggs

Lavender Vanilla Bean Palmiers are a simple yet elegant cookie. Make with fresh puff pastry or leftover scraps.

What's on your January list?

H A P P Y   W E E K E N D

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  1. Good list - mine is remarkably similar! Am waiting for my husband to return with takeaway Chinese; nice to be back in the swing. I read your comment on my blog about skiing - I survived another week but OMG it just isn't my thing. I will now have to do a month of yoga to undo all the aches and pains sustained by hurtling down a mountain. The things we do for love (it's his fave thing). Happy weekend. Lou x


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